The industries that will suffer most after Brexit

Britain’s exit from the European Union (more commonly known as Brexit) is fast approaching, and there are now just two hundred days until Britain ceases to be a member.

The UK government is still in the process of negotiating with their European counterparts, but there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future relationship between the two parties.

As EU workers have current rights to reside and work in the UK, many businesses and industries are reliant on them. Should the UK leave the EU without a deal that protects the current European citizens’ right to work and reside in Britain after Brexit, several industries could be heavily impacted.

We take a closer look at which industries could be hit the hardest by Brexit if EU workers leave their transient work posts.

The health sector 

The NHS could be greatly affected should EU workers leave their posts. The NHS is currently made up of workers from a wide variety of European countries, who work in several different types of jobs and sectors in the NHS. Many of the roles that they fill are vital and ensure that hospitals and doctors’ surgeries run smoothly and efficiently. Many roles such as administrators, nurses and porters would be vacated, greatly hitting the NHS.

The hospitality sector 

During peak seasons such as the summer holidays, many businesses within the hospitality sector employ more staff to help with general activities such as housekeeping, bar work, chefs and customer service. As the peak periods are the most important part of the year for many of these businesses, ensuring they have the right amount of well-trained and experienced staff is vital. The loss of many potential workers could impact many of these businesses and leave them struggling to cope during their busiest and most important time of the year.

The services sector

One of the most important sectors within British business, the services industry covers a wide range of jobs such as banking and retail. A large percentage of Britain’s GDP comes from this sector. Companies are heavily reliant on foreign workers to help fill the jobs that would otherwise be left vacant. If the roles are suddenly left unfilled, it could have a hugely negative impact on the British economy and leave the services sector in big trouble.

The agriculture sector 

Once the UK leaves the EU, agricultural businesses could be hit. It is one of the biggest sectors that relies on the employment of a large number of EU nationals to fill many seasonal roles. A large majority of the workers in roles such as fruit and vegetable pickers come from countries from around Europe. Without them, it could force companies to look even further for workers. If these roles aren’t filled or are only partly filled it could leave many crops and plants unharvested and waste perfectly good produce, hampering farmers and reducing their profits.

As Britain prepares for Brexit, the impact should EU workers leave their roles could be felt for years to come.

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