In the modern era, figures have shown the employment market is changing. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to become members of the ‘contingent workforce’. This body of people includes freelancers, temporary employees, contract workers, consultants, and independent professionals. While this group is diverse, they are united by the desire to have more flexibility, take on a greater variety of jobs, and retain control of their career development.

This trend has largely been driven by the millennial generation, but there are increasing numbers of older professionals who have opted to leave full time employment to act as temporary workers instead. While there are lots of benefits for individuals who choose to work of their own accord, there are also a huge number of benefits for employees too. Our experts have researched these and have listed the main benefits below.

1. You only pay for what you need

Instead of keeping employees on the payroll throughout the year, which will cost your company a large amount in salaries and wages, by hiring temporary workers on an ad hoc basis, you will only end up paying for their skills as and when you need them. This is especially beneficial for SMEs who can’t afford to keep highly skilled workers on a permanent contract – temporary workers allow them to get expert services without paying long-term professional prices.

2. You don’t need to pay for training

Unlike managing an in-house team, you aren’t required to pay for the training of temporary workers. If you need certain skills for a project, you will be able to find someone who is already qualified to undertake the work, rather than having to pay for an in-house member to undergo specialist training. Equally, you won’t lose the time an employee would spend at a training session, meaning they have more time to continue with their ordinary day to day activities.

3. Temporary workers are often happier 

Temporary workers choose to take projects on, and since they have the flexibility to accept or reject jobs, you can be assured that they are enthusiastic about your project if they choose to work with you. When working on a project they are enthused about, they will be more productive and efficient, so it’s likely that the overall project will be completed to a better standard.

4. A variety of experience means a variety of solutions

Since temporary workers have vast experience within the same industry, they will bring a large range of knowledge to your project. Not only does this mean the project will be analysed by an external eye, but it also means that any problems that occur can be approached with fresh knowledge, and thus they can suggest potential solutions you hadn’t considered. Ultimately, the project is likely to run more smoothly, and problems will be de-escalated quickly.

In conclusion, temporary workers can bring a huge range of experiences and talent to your project, often meaning they become more efficient and are completed with greater productivity. In addition, temporary workers often mean lower labour costs and lower training costs, making taking on temporary workers a no-brainer for your company!

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