G-Staff ltd Bendi FLT Driver - Immediate Start

At no time is your information passed on to a third party that may be involved with any marketing / sales of products/ promotions.


The company will from time to time pass any information given by you with the sole purpose of seeking work on your behalf. You are not required to pay for any of the services offered by g-staff when a placement for either temporary work or a permanent placement is offered or excepted. Nor is there any payment to be made for being recruited by g-staff when making any form of application.

There are charges in place for writing a curriculum vitae and this will depend upon the amount of work required to produce the document.

Data protection act.

G-Staff hold a GLA licence that was originally issued in March of 2008 and is annually renewed. Your data is protected by law and may be accessed by the GLA  and or any government body requiring this information at any time. The clients you are being placed with have a legal right to access you information for several reasons.

To check the ability of the candidates to legally work with in the UK borders.

To ensure all recruitment process are maintained to a serviceable standard

To ensure all insurances cover the candidates whilst in the work place.

For a full breakdown of the details can be requested by contacting the directors of the g-staff office.


Operations Director

David Allden

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy